Finding Inspiration, Talking Taylor Swift and Doing “The Work” with BJ The Dreamer (Episode 4)

January 25, 2021

In this episode of the Make One Day Happen podcast I sit down with my camo squad homie BJ the Dreamer.

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BJ is a lot of things: best selling author, inspirational speaker, red carpet host and producer for the greatest late night segment of all time aka James Corden’s Carpool Karaoke to name a few. We met about a year ago in San Diego, at a Brendon Burchard conference (remember when those were a thing!) sat down next to each other and realized were both wearing camouflage pants and so we formed a camo squad.

Every conversation I have ever had with BJ has been eye-opening, inspirational, relatable, and motivating for me…and this one definitely takes the cake. For real, you are in for a treat with this one!

We cover a lot of ground in this hour:

-We dive into what it looks like to create systems for yourself so that you can stay grounded and focused while the world is loosing it’s shit.

-We break down the fundamental questions you need to be able to answer for yourself in life, yep, like some of the big ones.

-BJ takes us on a Taylor Swift detour (I swear! It wasn’t me!!!) which leads to talking about my Ye V. Tay Spotify playlist that I’m so proud of…it is one of the crown jewels of my playlist career.

-We talk about doing “the work” when we live in a microwave society (you’ll have to listen to find out what that is) and how to sustain it.

-BJ generously & vulnerably shares some of his experiences from his reality of being Black in America.

-We explore the concept of generational trauma (check out this Mark Groves podcast to learn more) and why we all need to address it ASAP.

Pull up a seat y’all, it’s time to level up.

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Show notes:
1:15 Brian’s story
8:30 Staying inspired
10:15 How to dig deep for inspiration when times are tough
14:15 Solo dance parties
17:08 T-Swift detour
20:09 The dark side of inspiration
21:45 Win thy morning
23:00 Planning is so underrated
25:00  Learning how to just be in your feels
28:33 Intention matters 
32:09 Doing “the work”
35:35 Racism is a national security threat
39:11 The subconscious collective thought patterns of white supremacy
44:05 Finding the mutual ground within different perspectives
46:55 Hip hop and rap’s impact on racial relations
54:48 Leverage for the women’s movement thanks to 45
56:04 We live in a microwave society
58:50 Generational trauma & its impact
1:04:55 Love + communication = sharing your truth

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