Getting Back Up After Failure & Identity Loss with Jordie Karlinski (Episode 7)

March 8, 2021

Exploring the power of focusing on what you want, visualization and the blessing of failure.

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Jordie Karlinski and I crossed paths for the first time back in 2016, in a little town called Aspen. Our friendship formed over stretchy pants, vision and goals workshops, and conversations about life, personal development and transition.

Looking back on it, we were both very much in the middle of navigating our own journeys of identity loss when we first met. Jordie was working her way through the transition out of being a professional snowboarder, one that many athletes struggle with and are given very little tools to support them. I was fresh on the heels of a transition moving from Vail, CO to Aspen, CO after a traumatic job departure that I had no idea was affecting me so deeply at the time.

In this episode, Jordie generously and openly shares the story of how she missed the Olympics by 2 points, a goal that she had been working towards almost her entire life.

We start to unpack some big ideas and some of my favorite moments from the conversation include:
-why language is so freaking important when you are focusing on what you want
-how visualization translates as a skill set used by athletes to regular joes in the real world
-why the journey of self discovery is the key to recovering from identity loss and how to do it with compassion and love for yourself
-Jordie shares some tips that she used with her clients as a mindfulness and athlete transition coach to help bounce back from identity loss

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Show notes:

1:38 Jordie’s story

11:02 Her run for the Olympics

15:03 The power of focusing on what you want vs what you don’t want

18:02 Transitioning vision and goals as an athlete to the “real world” 

23:40 Holding space for the mental game of nerves, stress, pressure, and anxiety 

31:24 The Piano Study and science behind visualization

33:00 The power of your vocabulary

38:02 Recovering from identity loss

42:01 Bright spots & choosing your perspective 

44:36 Jordie’s next evolution

48:52 How real estate & mindfulness come together

52:43 Jordie’s advice for getting started with vision & goals

54:44 Gratitude practice

55:35 Where to find Jordie

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