Exploring the Art of Ho’oponopono, Values, and Non-attachment with Heidi Zuckerman (Episode 8)

March 22, 2021

Lessons learned from art, ice cream, and putting one foot in front of the other.

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Heidi Zuckerman is a globally recognized CEO in contemporary art, author and speaker. She’s curated over 200 contemporary art exhibitions, raised over $130 million dollars for the Aspen Art Museum, and she’s passionate about making art accessible. In this episode Heidi offers her insights on the Hawaiian art of forgiveness known as ho’oponopono, the importance of values, how to bring a vision to life through asking for what you need and she shares some of her personal daily rituals from her spiritual journey.

Heidi has always been an example of a powerful and inspiring female leader that I look towards. Her vision is as steadfast as her commitment to making art accessible, creating space for female and BIPOC artists and she’s always looking through the lens of what’s best for the greater good.

We met back in 2017 when I joined the team at the Aspen Art Museum and the amount of personal and professional lessons I learned from Heidi are tough to count. The experience of working with her lead me to some of the coolest experiences I’ve ever had (giving Jeff Koons a personal tour of the museum, watching Troy Carter throw down an incredible live auction stand-off for a piece of Rashid Johnson’s work, to photographing a private tour of Lance Armstrong’s personal in-home collection to name a few!) and a first class education in contemporary art 101 that I am forever grateful for.

A few things I love about Heidi: her quiet fierceness, her ability to hold space for all perspectives and her talent for asking the best questions that lead others to their own shift in understanding. She also super passionate about telling stories that matter through art and making sure the collective story being told is inclusive. And I especially love her willingness to acknowledge privilege and how she has used it help create a more inclusive community space in Aspen.

Some of the things we talk about include:
-the Hawaiian art of forgiveness known as ho’oponopono and my experience of her challenging me with this new way of thinking
-the importance of knowing your core values and what matters most to you in life…what are you willing to die on the hill for?
-why personal daily rituals are a key part of your evolution and growth; Heidi shares the 5 things she does every morning to get her day started right
-bringing a vision to life by 1-stepping it and practicing non-attachment
-how the song “Mood” by 24k is a truth telling song, inviting us all to really ask what do you care about? What are you focused on, what actually matters?
-how to hold space for differing perspectives, through the lens of chocolate and vanilla ice cream

If you’re looking for some insights on how to tackle a big vision you have on your heart and some ideas on ways to ground yourself in what matters most then check out this episode!

Listen to the episode by clicking HERE or finding it on Spotify, iTunes podcasts, or wherever else you love getting your favorite podcasts. Please subscribe and leave a review if you learn something from it!

Show notes:

02:50 Heidi’s story and some of her favorite moments

10:15 The journey of bringing the new AAM building to life

15:43 Heidi’s Personal Rituals

17:59 How being a non-collecting museum allows space for more representation

22:02 Making space for the best artists that are making an impact

24:25 Ho’opononono: the Hawaiin art of forgiveness

33:08 How to powerfully ask for what you need

38:10 Being a CEO & a mother

42:41 Conversations About Art

45:55 Books that Heidi is reading & bops that she is dancing to

48:47 What matters most to you? Why values matter

52:10 Practicing gratitude

53:31 Where to find Heidi

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