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Standing at the crossroads is scary. Maybe you're feeling stuck in your relationship or looking at a total pivot in your career and taking the next steps feels so overwhelming that you just keep it at status quo and tell yourself you'll figure it out one day.


You've got one wild and precious life to live...have you figured out what you want to do with it and what you want it to look like? If this question makes you want to puke, hid under the covers or pour another drink then let's sit down and talk. Owning your shit, creating a vision for your future and a plan to get there is one of the most empowering things you can do for yourself and your loved ones.

Life is too short to keep telling yourself "one day..."

and the good news is You don't have to do it alone.

real talk:

How It Works

We dig into the thought patterns that are keeping you stuck & reprogram them to help you create a new mindset

thought patterns

We get you clear on what matters most to you & create a vision for your future that gets you excited AF


We create a outline of how to get you there with tools & resources based in neuroscience and personal development principles


Five years ago, I was miserable, unfulfilled and sick and tired of being me.

I felt this underlying river of anxiety knowing that I wasn't living into my full potential but I felt stuck and didn't know how to take action. I had the "great on paper" life, but under the surface I felt like I was drowning. I kept finding myself in situations at work I didn't want to be in, feeling unfulfilled and stagnant. I was having the same fights over and over in my marriage that were leading us nowhere. And I felt trapped in my own mind about it all.

This was wildly frustrating because I'd been hyper vigilant about my self development for the past decade. But there was something I still couldn't see for myself yet. 

i can help because i've been there

until i started working on my thought patterns.

Here's What You Need

to better understand the human brain

By learning some basic neuroscience principles, you can integrate supporting practices that help shift your mindset and in turn, your reality.

Someone to help you see what you can't see

We're human. And we have the hardest time seeing what is directly in front of us (ahem, ourselves.) Finding thought patterns that aren't serving you is a much quicker process if you have someone who can help you identify what you're looking for.

a cheerleader & coach to support your vision

Doing the work by yourself is possible, but speaking from experience it's way more lonely and takes foreverrrr. Having a coach and cheerleader rolled into one will help you achieve results more quickly and it'll be way more fun, pinky promise.

"I love how Shenna ties in the neuroscience behind these concepts. Many of my a-ha moments came from understanding how the brain works in relation to what I'm trying to achieve."  

- devra
Vail, CO

Free up space in your head as you let go of negative thought patterns & false beliefs.

How does this sound?

Declare what you stand for in life and define what is most important to you.



the results you're going to get:

Create a vision for your future that gets you lit AF about who you're being in the world.


Design a strategy to achieve your vision with tools based in neuroscience & personal development principles. 


A sense of purpose, fulfillment, and happiness knowing you're living life by your design.


“Working with Shenna has been life changing! I've been able to heal, develop a healthier relationship with myself and my partner and open up the gates of all the good things that are flowing my way!

Nathaly Batista morales
Educator & consultant

I've learned a ton in our time together, how to set goals, how to rewire my brain, how to include meditation in my daily routine, how to have a healthier relationship with my partner and just how to receive the things that are already meant for me. The most valuable thing by far has been how much my anxiety has become under control. And I love all her reading suggestions!"

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“I have learned so much about myself working with Shenna. She had gotten me to dive deeper into my own self then I thought was possible. Through our sessions, the introduction of meditation into my life, and having her as a cheerleader I have grown so much in the past few months!

Mackensie boris
wonder & Roam Design Co

My biggest ah ha from my time with Shenna is that I am actually fully in the drivers seat of my own life. That should be a no brainer but for me that’s a big thing to learn. She has showed me how to change negative thought patterns that don’t serve me or my goals and held me accountable for all of my actions. My ability to use that going forward in my life and career is a game changer. "

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“Shenna helped me get more specific than ever about what I was wanting to create for my future and shifted my mindset from a dream perspective (“wouldn’t it be nice if...) to a reality perspective (“I am...”). The exercises, conversation, and writing, I left our first meeting with clarity I had never had before.

Abbey Evans
Vail, CO

Over time, things started to unfold in my life and opportunities that were defined in my coaching sessions began to show up. Shenna was extremely helpful in helping me clear the path and receive these blessings instead of defaulting into my old habits of pushing them away or making excuses because of deeper underlying beliefs I had at the time. I know that the things that have come into my life and have remained would very likely look much different had I not invested the time with such an amazing coach who believed in me then more than I did at the time. Not only has my relationship with so many others in my life changed, but most importantly my relationship with myself. I’ve also gained a better understanding of my own patterns that show up when times get good or when times get bad- something that is invaluable to recognize as it helps keep me on my path. "

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Make One Day Happen App

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You are motivated to take action & shake some shit up in life. Our app is easy to navigate, the content goes wherever you are, and it's easy to digest. This is the easiest, most accessible & affordable option.

3 Call 1:1 Session


-Answer a few questions so I can get to know you and where you're at
-We’ll jump on a call to talk through your application & make sure that we are a hell yes for each other. If not, I'll provide some resources and point you in a better direction
-We craft a custom agenda designed to nail all the objectives and then some while we work together

-Three 1-hour weekly 1:1 calls to support your growth & development
-Access to the MODH App which includes all of my courses, the community, & 
-Clearly defined core values
-A scientifically based process to create your life vision & goals to achieve it
-A clear plan for accountability and execution


You are wanting to tip your toe into the pool of working 1:1 with a coach, if you need clarity in a particular area of life and someone to help you hear what you can't for yourself.

How it works:

what you get:

-Download the app (will be released this summer for Apple & Google store!)
-Purchase courses that meet your needs a la carte
-Join our membership to stay in the flow, in integrity with yourself & connected to community on the same path

-Access to the courses to enhance your personal development/growth journey
-Plugged into a community of other change makers and pattern breakers that are on a similar path in life to elevate their energetic vibration for themselves and those around them
-A place off of social media to connect, learn, grow, and practice being the best version of yourself
-Early access to members only events, podcasts, book clubs and more

How it works:

what you get:

3 Month Deep Dive



You're ready to fully level up in life. Let's dig in and do the work together to get you on your path and stoked AF about it.

-Answer a few questions so I can get to know you and where you're at
-We’ll jump on a call to talk through your application & make sure that we are a hell yes for each other. If not, I'll provide some resources and point you in a better direction
-We craft a custom agenda designed to nail all the objectives and then some while we work together

-Six 1.5-hour bi-weekly 1:1 calls to support your growth & development
-One 30-min floating call for when you need me most
-Recording of our coaching calls with detailed notes
-Google folder with access to all my best resources (worksheets, books, podcasts, videos, etc.) to support your learning   
-Slack support-- access to me between calls and connect with a community of like minded people
-An upgraded mindset that creates inner peace
-Clearly defined core values
-A scientifically based process to create your life vision & goals to achieve it
-A clear plan for accountability and execution



Is This Right For You?

You need to finally make time for getting clear on what you want in life

You're overwhelmed by the thoughts that keep circling on repeat in your head

you want more clarity on your super powers and what you're supposed to be getting up to

You're getting sick & tired of your own bullshit

you're ready to do the work of going within to unblock & find your own answers

Book Your Discovery Call

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is that a yes?

DISCLAIMER: This work is not for everyone. You'll have to look in some dark corners of your mind that you might not have visited before. You'll have to consider that things you thought and believed for your whole life are actually not true. I've found that this work is best for those who are truly ready for change and willing to do the work it takes to make it happen. Let's hop on the phone to talk about where you're at, see if I can help, or at least point you in the direction of someone else if we're not the right fit for each other.

DISCLAIMER #2: At the same time my work is also for everyone, check out my inclusivity statement to learn more.

"I love the guided visualizations. I am not looking for someone to figure me out, I needed someone to help me figure me out, and Shenna guides that well."

- Jared
Denver, CO