guided visualization + sound bath + time travel

(aka a Future Self Sound Journey)

Join Shenna Jean of Make One Day Happen on an exploration of consciousness. Come jump on a neon cloud and time travel to visit your Future Self in this experience that pairs a sound healing with a guided visualization. After the hour together, you'll feel extremely rested, a sense of inner peace and calm and like you've actually been floating on cloud nine.

Productive escapism at its finest, the guided visualization supports creating a greater intuitive connection with your higher self and the sound vibrations from the crystal singing bowls and other instruments will help to restore and attune your nervous system to a healing frequency on a cellular level.

You’ll chill out in a parasympathetic nervous system state and access your alpha & theta brainwaves (aka Thetaland) while tuning into insights from your inner knowing. The gateway to our subconscious mind resides in between our alpha & theta brainwave states, so learning how to access this space is an incredibly important life hack in the human experience. Research in visualization has shown that the mind & brain cannot distinguish the external environment from its internal reality, so when we practice visualization we are literally giving ourselves the experience of doing something before actually having done it. You are able to access your subconscious mind in order to program it in the direction of what you are calling in for yourself through visualization, then pair it with the cellular restoration and healing practice of sound therapy...it's a win win win.

what to expect:

Nothing and anything! If it's your first time, focus on being present and turning off the monkey mind. Set an intention to TRUST & ALLOW.

who's this for:

Anyone with an overstressed nervous system looking for an opportunity to chill TF out and see what they are doing in the future.

how long does it last:

The journey is about an hour, studies have show the effects however to be equivalent to 4 hours of sleep.

how often do i do this:

Sound therapy is something that can be practiced regularly and is recommended for best results. Visualization is also most effective when engaged as a regular practice.

Sound healing originated in Tibetan culture thousands of years ago and has been in practice ever since with incredible results. Thanks to the advance of technology and research we now have a better understanding of the how & why behind the ancient practice to wrap our Western minds around it.

In a sound healing, which is similar to music therapy, a facilitator uses instruments that are tuned to a specific frequency in order to produce sound waves that have many different effects on the body. The primary effects are on the entrainment of brainwaves, stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system (rest & digest) and influencing key biomarkers such as HRV, blood pressure, 

A recent review of 400 published scientific articles on music as medicine indicated strongly that music has mental and physical health benefits in improving mood and reducing stress, fatigue and depression symptoms. it also found that rhythm in particular (more so than melody) can provide physical pain relief.

Music & sound are all around us, yet the often overlooked component is how are we using it *intentionally* to shift our mental, physical, & spiritual health? The Future Self Sound Journey is a modality that meets you on all three of these planes for an integrated experience of exploring and expanding your consciousness.

what is sound healing?

This is what time traveling on a neon cloud looks like

Crystal Singing Bowls

These instruments promote relaxation, reduce anxiety, balance your chakras, stimulate the immune system, and heal on a cellular level so we let them do most of the work. 

the stars of the show

Buffalo Drum

the heartbeat & icebreaker

Drumming brings your biorhythms into sync, allowing you to drop into full presence with your breath, helping you turn off the monkey mind and letting you relax into the experience

the dream team

Percussion Instruments

From chimes, tuning forks, small drums, rainsticks and more, this musical time traveling adventure wouldn't be complete without some small but mighty friends.

the backup singers