Change makers & pattern breakers are required to break the system together.

I acknowledge that as a white woman, my whiteness has afforded me extreme privileges, including access to a lot of the work that I teach and share which has historically been only easily available to white, middle/upper class women and men. There hasn't been enough space made for BIPOC to have easy access to these life changing tools. I am doing my part to be a space maker and make my work available and affordable to all by offering scholarship opportunities. The only requirement to work with me is that you’re ready and willing to do the work, the rest we can figure out.

I recognize that BIPOC in the United States experience oppressive structures that are very different from what I experience. The thought programming caused by systemic racism may impact the mental space you have available to take on this work and the limiting beliefs around your potential to be successful in it. This work is still for you if you want it.

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Regardless of how you identify, the color of your skin, or the experiences you've had, at the end of the day we are all human and the same on the inside. My coaching is based in neuroscience and personal development principles that work for anyone if they choose to do the work.

This work works for anyone

"One Day" is actually possible

I am on a mission to help elevate human consciousness in order to support my vision of a world that is free of ism’s, full of possibility and better place for all of us. It starts at the individual level, with people understanding that they already have the potential within to make it happen and doing the inner work to unleash it. From there we can start to shift collective thought patterns that can move us forward towards ending all the ism's in our generation.

what I believe:

There is room for all of us

There is a seat for you at my table always. We all get to start unlearning things, step into what's meant for us, and lift each other up as we do. I am here to offer these life-changing tools to anyone who's ready for them, let's go.

That being said, I completely understand, respect, and support you if you feel like taking this on with a BIPOC coach is a better fit for you in your personal growth journey. Here are some individuals whose work I admire and aligns with what I teach that I would recommend checking out.

A special note of thanks to Nathaly Batista-Morales, who has been an integral part of my unlearning and consulted on my curriculum to ensure it's safe & approachable for all who want it. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a culture consultant to support you or your company in doing the same.

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People of color)
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