Invest in your people and they will invest in you. One of the most *critical* lines for the sustainability of your business is your willingness to set aside some of your budget for people development. It's a line item a lot of companies are missing out on that reaps huge returns in your workforce.

A research study by Kenexa Research Institute showed that companies with engaged employees generate 2x annual net income then teams with low engagement. And a recent Gallup poll found that 70% of American workers are disengaged with work, which they estimate is costing the US economy $500 billion each year. 

The ROI in your business when you invest in your team is significant. It shows up in the form of higher engagement, better performance, more innovation and less turnover...all which directly impact your bottom line. People development is my life passion and one of the things I loved most about my corporate experience. I'm here to help you bring engaging team development to your people if you're ready to make space for it.


After working for companies of all shapes and sizes, across different industries, in unique markets and at varying stages of growth, I've seen *a lot* when it comes to culture in the workplace. The companies that are getting it right are investing in their people from the get go, in order to create an environment that can sustain the journey to success. 

Helping people become better humans while they help you build a better company is hands down the best business model available. I firmly believe that personal development & professional development are two sides of the same coin: you.

I create & facilitate a custom agenda for your team based on what stage of development you are currently in, where you want to get to, and around the objectives and KPI's of your business while also developing and empowering them as individuals.

You sit back and enjoy the feeling of taking a break from leading so that you can learn & create alongside your team.

If you aren't actively developing your team as humans and professionals, eventually they will leave you for someone who does. 

Culture matters. A lot.

let's collab!

Brands I've worked with:

"Shenna came to inspire and reset my team recently and the experience was phenomenal. In a year (#2020) of uncertainty, lack of clarity and general overwhelm she helped us all gain vision, think outside the box and provided a framework for my team's development that we've been able to integrate. I highly recommend her! Her approach is comfortable, relaxed but insightful, fun but deeply knowledgeable - loved every part of working with her!"


Bluebird Productions, Aspen, CO


"I mean it when I say Shenna was like a gift from the heavens sent directly to my company. My business partner and I started our company at the beginning of the year. With a slow start, we started to find ourselves in a rut, unclear about how to proceed and which pillars and values were truly at the heart of our company. Almost immediately upon working with Shenna, the veil that we had been trying to see through was lifted and we gained so much clarity into what we were collectively working towards. Shenna's experience, insight, and ability to articulate our visions and ideas into actionable steps have accelerated our businesses immensely, helped my partner and I communicate more effectively, work more efficiently, and understand the value and power in our shared vision. We truly cannot recommend her enough. "


Soleil Creative, Madrid 


"Shenna really has passion and talent for her work. Her enthusiasm and organization with our company’s Visionquest + Goal Setting session created such a helpful framework to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. We can’t wait to work with Shenna again!" 


Jaunt Media, Vail, CO


real results

“Invest in your people so they invest in their work”


Let's make magic.

On a discovery call we'll get clear on what stage of development your team is at and align on objectives for spending our time together that are equal parts fun, engaging, and drive results.


I blend leadership development strategies learned from world class companies with basic principles of neuroscience and positive psychology and then integrate personal growth principles to help you develop whole humans.


Looking for some hot tips on creating a better culture at your company? I provide consulting and coaching for leaders to help create an environment where employees want to be at long term and build something impactful.


2-Hour Session

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Sometimes you just need to shake shit up. In a 2-hour session we can spoil your team with a Future Self Sound Journey, a guided visualization paired with a sound healing that allows your team to tap into themselves or align with a big business objective on the horizon or both. Employees always value when you are investing in their personal lives, not just their work life. We can also add in content relevant to your team's needs right now.

An awesome way to kick off a team development day or add a splash of something different during the work week.


Want to get in action quickly, align your team on a vision, empower them to dream big or if you're on time or budget constraints.

Quarterly Workshops


With a quarterly workshop package we can really start to curate more development culture in your company. In addition to a team Future Self Sound Journey, we can explore things like Tuckman's stages of development as a group, identify individual strengths and how they come together as a team, create a roadmap for big objectives, and implement custom development plans to support your team's personal and professional growth.

Perfect if you're ready to dive a little deeper on moving the needle on your team's performance and development.


You're looking for a reset and ready to implement development as a sustainable part of your company culture.

Custom Retreat

watch what we did in costa rica

Let's swing for the fences and let us knock it out of the park for you. Our partners at innermission have decades of experience in event production, logistics and making magic happen. We work with visionary brands and leaders who value the human component of business to foster connection among teams and consumers through shared experiences. Our out of the box experiences allow you and your team to bridge the gap between personal & professional development and leave after your time together with a renewed since of purpose, play, & passion for what you're creating in the world.

We partner with innermission experiences to create a world class retreat for teams of all shapes & sizes.


Remote team trips, incentive trips, & leadership offsites. Are ready to go all in on your team and spoil the shit out of them while letting me do the work so you can get spoiled too.


Of US workers that are not engaged at work according to Gallup


Of lost revenue in the US economy due to disengaged employees


Satisfaction rate of clients I've worked with and will have me back again

30 min

Of your time to figure out what kind of magic we can make for your team