I am a Vision Advisor, Sound Facilitator, Podcast Host & Community Activator that helps high performers, athletes & teams clean up their energy hygiene routines, reimagine their futures, & make their one day happen using cognitive & somatic based tools and practices grounded in science, spirituality, mixed with a little bit of swearing.

I am also obsessed with building and activating communities, sharing resources and teaching about things that have changed my life. I am here to help others elevate their vibration, frequency, & shine their light brighter.



I’ve been involved in the personal development and wellness industry for close to 20 years, either professionally or through my own insatiable curiosity for learning new things and leveling up my own awareness. It is my deepest honor and pleasure to support others on their growth journey towards finding more clarity, possibility, and knowing themselves better.

After decades of helping build other businesses and communities, I founded Make One Day Happen to create a place for other change makers & pattern breakers to find each other…both online & IRL. Personal development work can be a long & lonely road until you add community and accountability to the mix. I’m on a mission to make personal development work fun, playful, and accessible.

I LOVE hyping people up, whether that's on the Make One Day Happen podcast, IRL when I make new friends, when I collaborate as a facilitator and emcee for other organizations like innermission experiences or summit.co, through private coaching & workshops or when I'm doing my Aunt Nae Nae thing. A big part of my ikigai (life's purpose) is to help people realize everything they need has always been within.

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Ted Lasso

Barcode or Everyday Dose

A Course in Miralces

Pastries, always.

obsessed with:


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Other things I'm obsessed with:

Art in all forms, especially in the form of polaroids and sneakers.

my guilty pleasure

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Pastries. Kouign Amann is my all time favorite and a plain ol' croissant will also do.

Neon clouds. I'll take you time traveling on one to meet your future self if you want! Check out my events page to see where I'm leading my next Future Self Sound Journey.

Other things I'm obsessed with:

Solo dance parties. I really do dance around my living room with a disco ball in my underwear. I just put clothes on this time and had a friend take a picture.

my happy place

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Playing outside (bonus points if it involves a snowboard, hiking, or a ball of some sort)

Live music! I've seen Taylor Swift & Kanye West both 3x. My music taste is diverse AF and I'm always down to catch a good live show.