Life is too short to listen to podcasts that don't help you level up.

The MODH podcast is designed to educate, inspire, and empower people to elevate their consciousness and activate their potential. Our show explores meaningful conversations with innovative people sharing the lessons they've learned in their journey to making "one day" happen, practices that can help you shift into your full potential and ideas that might even change the world.

The make one day happen podcast

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Laughing, learning, leveling up...guaranteed.

Our guest line up includes professional athletes, CEO's, entrepreneurs, authors, musicians, thought leaders and more, all sharing their insights and learnings from the journey they've gone through to make their one day happen. 

Hear from people who've done it

Meaningful conversations to spark change

No fluffy bullshit here. We dive into the hard parts of life, we swim out to the failures so we can learn from them, and we explore things that can be tough to talk about in search of moving the needle towards progress. 

what to expect from the show: 

How to take action towards your goals

Each episode is designed so that the listener walks away with new ideas to ponder, fresh resources to support their growth, and actionable items that they can start to implement into their day that will impact their overall wellbeing and journey towards their full potential.

We are proud to partner with Julius Hinton and The Plug Agency to produce & distribute our content. Julius and his award winning team have decades of combined experience in the podcast and radio industry to support the production, launch, and distribution of a new show. It takes a village to create a new concept and we are truly grateful for their support.

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The Plug Agency

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In Season One, we are thrilled to partner with Lost Range, a premium small batch CBD company out of Steamboat Springs, CO. Lost Range is on a mission to turn people from pills to plants with their all natural, high quality CBD products. This season we'll host a CBD 101 episode with the Lost Range team to better understand this plant medicine that has incredible benefits.

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Lost Range CBD

10% of all Lost Range CBD product sales using the code shared on the podcast will benefit Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit dedicated to fighting criminal injustice and reimagining drug policy. Their efforts range from early release advocacy, re-entry programs, and legislature reform. Last Prisoner Project is a leading voice in COVID-19 immediate decarceration efforts and safety measures for incarcerated communities. 


Last Prisoner Project

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Dec 14, 2020


DEC 28, 2020


Jan 11, 2021


jan 25, 2021


Facing discomfort on Mt Everest, in your brain, and in your life with Ellen Miller

CBD 101: What You Need to Know So You Can Try & Buy with Confidence

Finding Inspiration, Talking Taylor Swift, & Doing "The Work" with BJ the Dreamer

An Exploration of Effort, Polymaths and Super Powers with John Mark Seelig

Teaser: Host Shenna Jean on Why She's Starting a Podcast

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